Melt in the Middle Chocolate Oat Pancakes

These are pretty much exactly what it says in the title. Sweet, fluffy banana oat pancakes with an oozing, rich dark chocolate centre. I mean, really what’s not to love about that? These are exactly what you need in your life this Pancake Day, for something that little bit more decadent and indulgent than your regular banana pancakes.

The pancakes themselves honestly couldn’t be much simpler. All you need are 5 simple ingredients + the chocolate of course.. and you’re good to go! They’re gluten free and also dairy free too; super quick to whizz up in your blender and have a beautiful delicate and fluffy texture.

I’ve made a slightly excessive amount of different pancake recipes over the years (they’re one of my favourite things to make, style and shoot) but I think these are definitely going to be the ones that I make for the big day tomorrow! I LOVE the way the melted chocolate bursts out the centre as you cut open the pancakes. They’re also not overly sweet or really dense and filling like classic American style pancakes can be.

One thing that you almost definitely will need is a good non-stick frying pan or crepe pan. Honestly, the amount of time I’ve spent trying to salvage burnt pancakes or getting endlessly frustrating whilst scraping their reminances of the bottom of a so called ‘non-stick’ pan is far more than I’d like! It really does make such a difference to your pancakes if you have a really good quality pan- trust me it’s worth the investment!

Anyway, I hope you love these as much as I do and have a wonderful time this Pancake Day!

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