Mega mango bliss balls


My kitchen appears to be turning into snack central at the moment! I think over the past year, I seem to have developed quite the passion for dessert creations and sweet treats! I’m not sure what it is that made me fall in love with them so much, but I just love the creative aspect involved in whipping up beautiful raw treats! I was always pretty arty growing up and absolutely adored decorating little cupcakes with buttercream icing and endless floral decorations, so I think that’s where it’s all originated from. Plus, I just love how you can turn so many simple and nutritious ingredients into something that actually resembles a classic snack or dessert. These aren’t exactly anything fancy or complex.. not when you compare them to a raw cashew cheesecake anyway. They’re pretty much exactly what they say on the tin.. all of the ingredients bellow, blended together and smooshed into delicious little snack bites. You wouldn’t think that that would taste all that appealing when you put it like that, but for some reason, when combined these things just create such an amazing sweet and fruity flavour, with a slightly crunchy texture.. so good! 


I just love all of the flavours in these and together I think they create a really wonderful, tropical taste explosion; with the combination of mango and coconut! I used to demolish packet after packet of dried mango as a child and today mangos are still one of my all time favourite fruits.. and we all know about my coconut obsession! It’s also nice to have something slightly different, as energy balls are typically made with dates- which are still soo delicious too!

The health food industry is really booming nowadays and we’re now luckily able to access such a wide range of healthy snacks and treats pretty readily along the high street. This is amazing because it means that staying healthy is now something that I can incorporate into my every day life with ease and is far more accessible that it used to be. Although there are lots of these healthy snacks available to buy, I love cooking and think it’s still really nice to make your own snacks and desserts when you have time! These are so quick and simple to prep and you can keep them stored in the freezer, ready to grab whenever you need them! They’re great for a little boost of energy if you get peckish mid-morning or afternoon and would also be a pretty handy thing to pop into a lunchbox. 





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