Mango & Walnut Flapjacks

Even though they’re pretty simple, flapjacks and oatmeal bars were always something that I would find a little bit tricky to bake about a year ago. I don’t know what it was about them, I think it might have been the texture, but they just never seemed to turn out right! These ones however, turned out just right, in my opinion and I reckon you guys will love them too! 

I’m pretty sure that I’ve said this countless times before, but mangos are without a doubt, one of my absolute favourite fruits! They’re just so delicious on their own or in both sweet and savoury dishes! They add an amazing burst of fruit flavour to these flapjacks, as well as a nice chewy texture. The second key ingredient in here is walnuts! These aren’t my most commonly used type of nut, but I’m thinking that I’d like to start incorporating them into my diet more frequently. Walnuts are a great source of healthy fats and work really well when blended into snacks and baking, as I find that they have a slightly softer texture than lots of other nuts. 

The main part of the recipe, is of course composed of one of my favourite ingredients.. the amazing oat! If you didn’t already know this by now, I LOVE oats! I tend to have a bowl of protein porridge every day (and quite often more that that!). They’re so quick and easy to prepare and are also super versatile to use in countless other types of dishes as well. One of my favourite ways to incorporate oats into my recipes, is by first blending them into a flour and using them in baking org the making of raw desserts and energy bites. They’re a quick, affordable and delicious way to get a good, slow releasing carb source into my diet! 

This recipe makes a rather decent sized batch of flapjacks, so you’ll be all set for snack attacks for the week ahead. Prepping food really is the key to staying on track and making sure that you always have something on hand for when those hunger pangs set in! These are a great option for when you need something portable, or simply if you’re after a little sweet treat mid-afternoon to accompany your cuppa’. For most of my snacking options, I tend to stick to more savoury choices and keep the sweet stuff for after dinner. However, if I know I’m going to need a quick burst of energy before a hard training session, then I might opt for something a little more sugary. It really depends on what works for you as a person and how you’re feeling at that moment I suppose. I used to think that my meal plan was pretty much the holy grail and that it was the only way to eat and stay on track. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong with this approach really. Health, food and fitness are all things that should become part of a lifestyle and your life Is something that is rarely exactly the same on a day to day basis.. and definitely isn’t the same as someone else’s. What one person will need and thrive from, is likely to be entirely different from the needs of their friends and how they feel. Similarly, you might feel completely different from time to time as well. I’ve found that some things that used to work for me a few years ago, now are simply not suited to my lifestyle and just don’t work for me any longer. This would have been something that would have once caused me a great deal of stress and confusion, however, I’m now trying to accept that it’s completely okay. Times change, so do people and so do our bodies. I’m really making a conscious effort to listen to my body more and try and give it more of what it needs. Speaking of which, I’ve actually stopped tracking macros and it’s been over a week now! I don’t know if this is something that you’ll be interested in, but I can certainly talk a bit more about it in the future if it’s something that you would like to read. 

Anyway, as per usual, I seem to have veered off on a serious tangent there; but I do like to try and provide you with more of a little insight into my lifestyle, as well as sharing recipes. I want to show you that I’m a real person and life isn’t all decorating smoothie bowls and raw brownies from day to day! I know first hand, that scrolling through Instagram feeds can lead to comparison with your own eating habits, so I want to begin sharing a little bit more than just the pretty, styled food snapshots. Right, I will actually get on with the recipe now I promise! If you’re still reading up to this point then thank you! 

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