Mango, Turmeric & Passionfruit Raw Cheesecake

So, after the chaos that I’ve experienced this weekend with moving house.. I thought it was about time that I caught up with a bit of blog work and share a new recipe with you all. I recently shared the recipe video for this raw mango cheesecake on Instagram and it seemed to go down really well! So I couldn’t wait to give you all the recipe!

First and foremost, raw cheesecakes are one of the first no-bake, vegan desserts that I started making and I still have a deep love for doing so! Admittedly, they do look rather intricate and complicated.. but once you get the hang of things, they’re actually rather quick and straight forward to throw together. Also, a lot of the staple building block ingredients remain fairly similar and you can easily mix and match things to create an endless variation of incredible flavours! My usual go-to’s consist of chocolate, caramel and vanilla.. so this time I wanted to switch it up a little and explore some more vibrant and fruity flavours. Mango’s are without a doubt one of my favourite kinds of fruit! They’re so sweet and delicious and taste amazing on their own, in desserts, smoothies and also savoury dishes, like salads. The fresh, sweet mango pairs perfectly with the mild, fragrant coconut cream, to infuse your tastebuds with a wave of tropical indulgence. 

If you’ve eve read/made any of my previous raw cheesecake recipes, then you’ll probably already know, that the key and most crucial ingredient for creating that smooth, velvety texture, is of course: cashew nuts! These are an absolute food cupboard staple when it comes to whipping up all manners of vegan delights! Whether it’s vegan cheese alternatives, cream, cake frosting, cookies, plant based milks or in this cake, cheesecakes, cashew nuts are my go-to! They have a really nice, mild flavour, so won’t interfere of overpower the actual flavour of the cake and when blended, they just become SO smooth and silky! Cashew nut milk and nut butter are two of my upmost favourite nut based products- both are so so amazingly delicious! 

This makes for an excellent Summer time dessert, as the vibrant mango and passionfruit flavours are really sweet and refreshing! I find that during the warmer weather, I prefer these kinds of dishes, over rich chocolate cakes. I think the colour also looks really pretty for a Summertime spread and you could get a little creative and add some edible flowers or rose petals like I have here. Oh and one more thing before I get on with the recipe.. you might be wandering about the ‘Tumeric’ part of the cake and where that comes into the mix! Don’t worry, the cake doesn’t actually taste of turmeric at all! I’ve added this in to give an extra boost of sunny yellow colour and I think it’s a pretty cool way to show that ingredients don’t always have to be used in their stereotypical, classic methods. Not only does turmeric have many amazing health benefits, but it’s also a fantastic natural food colouring as well! Nature has catered for us very well in the food colouring department I think personally. I don’t ever use any artificial food colouring in my recipes nowadays, as I find I can create a whole host of wonderful colours from foods. For example: avocados make an excellent green key lime pie base and berries are great for pink cupcake frosting! 

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