Lemon & Poppyseed Cupcakes With Cashew Frosting

I’ve been beavering away in my kitchen over the past few days, trying to create as many new and delicious recipes as possible to help you out and provide some inspiration over the coming weeks. I’ve been trying to focus on recipes made with mainly store-cupboard and non-perishable ingredients that you’re most likely to already have in your kitchen cupboards.

I can’t lie, I’m feeling quite apprehensive at the thought of what might be to come over the next few days, weeks & months; but what I do know, is that it’s so important that we just take each day as it comes and try to focus on the positives. Having to spend more time indoors and not being able to pop out to the shops constantly, might mean that we’re having to base a lot more of our cooking on long life and also affordable ingredients. Being at home for pretty much 100% of our meal times is also going to leave us with the need for some extra recipe inspiration and simple ways to spice up what we’re filling our plates with to keep things interesting and mouthwateringly tasty!

Cooking is also something that I’ve always done to help switch off and baking in particular brings me so much joy and really gives me something to focus on and centre my mind. A relaxing spot of baking might just be the perfect way to fill up some free time and provide some delicious treats for you and your loved ones at home!

These cupcakes are made with a few simple ingredients and are just so light and fluffy, you wouldn’t believe they’re gluten free! You might have noticed that the flour isles of the supermarkets are looking pretty bare at the moment, so instead I’ve been grinding oats to make my flour, as these are naturally gluten free and something I always have in the cupboard. The only fresh ingredients used here are banana and lemons- I was still able to find bananas, but it might be sensible to freeze some because you can usually blend frozen ones into cake and pancake batter.

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