Layered peanut butter fudge bites


Peanut butter and fudge. Those right there are two things that I will never, ever, ever get sick of. I mean, can you ever really have too much peanut butter? I didn’t think so. And just to make it even better.. this uses it in the form of a sweet and creamy fudge… AND it’s topped with a chocolate coconut fudge. I don’t think sweet treats really get any more indulgent than that do they?! However, although this tastes incredibly sweet and decadent, it’s actually made from completely natural ingredients and is free from refined sugars.. hard to believe, I know. 


As a food blogger, I’m lucky enough to often get sent different products to test out and use in recipes and at the moment, I seem to have accumulated quite the collection of peanut butter! So much so, that there is now an entire shelf in my kitchen cupboard that is solely dedicated to the stuff. I am by no means complaining because, as you know, I am a complete nut butter addict. But, I decided it was time that I needed to use some of this up and make room to try some new flavours! I’ve made many a peanut butter cup before, so wanted to got for something a little bit different this time and somehow, I went for this. 


Clearly one layer of fudge just wasn’t going to cut it, so I opted for adding a second layer.. and of course, that had to be chocolate! This does need to be kept in the freezer, as it does melt pretty rapidly when left out. However, this does mean that it has an incredible melt in the mouth consistency that just tastes so dreamy! The fudge melts into a heavenly chocolatey, peanut butter infusion- the ultimate sweet and indulgent treat! 




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