Key lime pie smoothie bowl- With Unbeelievable Health

Here it is, the second of my recipes that I’ve created with Unbeelievable Health and this one is definitely worth giving a go for tomorrow’s breakfast! Key lime pie is one of my ultimate favourite desserts; I just LOVE citrus flavours and this is so refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s also a great way to get a generous dose of green goodness into your morning with very little preparation and absolutely no cooking required! – perfect if you’re a busy bee in the mornings and don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen. 

I’m not one to make new years resolutions, but I do like to set myself lots of little goals instead and set myself targets of things that I would like to achieve and add into my life in the new year. This is actually something that I started a few weeks prior to the new year and is probably one of the best things that I’ve done for myself recently; which is: to really focus on the types of food that I was putting into my body and not just the macronutrient numbers (protein, fats and carbs and calorie counting.) I do currently track my macros, for both fitness and health reasons, however, prior to re-jigging my diet a bit, I found that I wasn’t really paying as much attention to the nutritional value of what I was consuming, and mainly focusing on the caloric content of the food. This therefore lead me to be eating more processed and less nutrient dense foods than I would like, which didn’t leave me feeling at my best and probably weren’t the most optimal fuel for my body. Obviously everyone is different, but I definitely feel at my healthiest when I’m consuming predominantly a whole food based diet, packed with lots of fresh vegetables. I try and include some form of green veggies with as many meals as possible, even sweet breakfast dishes! I like to add grated courgette into my porridge and then greens like spinach and avo to smoothie bowls, like I’ve done here! It’s such a great way to get in an extra portion of vegetables into your day, and it doesn’t ruin the flavour I promise! 

As well as upping my greens, I’ve also been focussing a lot on self-care and making sure that I’m really doing the best to look after my body and immune system; seeing that it’s winter, this is the time that most of us tend to suffer and pick up lots of nasty colds! That’s where these wonderful supplements from Unbeelievable Health come into play! In these past few weeks, it just seems like everyone around me has been suffering with coughs and colds, so I’ve been trying out these Daily Defence Immune Formula containing bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, acerola cherry and beta glucans. Like with the other products in their range, I like to either take them on their own, or open up the capsules and mix them in with a smoothie bowl or oats. 

So, as for the smoothie itself, i’ve used bananas as the base to give a really sweet and creamy flavour, so i don’t find that I need to add in any additional sweeteners. The avocado also helps to make this super creamy and is a great source of vitamins and healthy fats. I love to include avocados into my diet; they’re also amazing accompanied by some runny poached eggs on rye toast! For an extra boost of greens, I love to add in a handful of spinach, as this is packed with vitamins and also blends really well into smoothies, without leaving a really bitter taste. As a child, my mum would always try and encourage me to eat spinach (like popeye haha!) but I can’t say that I was much of a fan! However, now it’s without a doubt, one of my favourite veggies and is probably one of the most versatile ones too. It’s great in salads, stir fries, sandwiches & wraps, soups, stews, curries, omelettes and sweet dishes like smoothie! Oh.. and I nearly forgot to mention one of my smoothie bowl key ingredients to achieve that really smooth and creamy consistency: cashew nuts! Cashews are an absolute kitchen staple for me when it comes to recipe creation and snacking on the go! They taste great and are a good source of plant based protein and healthy fats! Cashews are also an amazing replacement for dairy products to make things like creams, desserts and even dairy free cheese. By adding cashews into the smoothie bowl, it helps to thicken the mixture and create that smoothie bowl texture, rather than a more runny smoothie. 



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