July Vertue Box Review & Recipe

You may have seen in a previous post, that I recently tried out the Vertue Box for the first time a couple of months ago. I love receiving a good subscription box, as I find it so much fun trying out new products and foods that you wouldn’t normally buy. Vertue box would probably have to be one of my current favourites at the moment because it contains a combination of foodie and naturally beauty products. You might not know this, but before I got into the fitness and foodie side of things, beauty and skincare was always one of my main interests and I’ve always been really into natural remedies and products. 

There are now so many incredible natural skincare and makeup ranges on the market to choose from, so we are very lucky to have a great deal of choice available to us. I think that when I first got into natural skincare and was learning more about it; the options for products were a lot more limited and definitely much harder to get hold of. The great thing about trying products out via these kinds of subscription boxes, is that you get to test out lots of different things and it’s a wonderful way to discover new things! When it comes to skincare, I think it’s pretty important to try before you buy these things, as everyone’s skin is different and will react to products differently. 

So.. onto what’s in the box for July then! Firstly, I’ll start off with the skincare side of things and one of my favourite products has definitely been the face mist and it couldn’t be more appropriate for this time of year. You can use this under or on top of makeup for a refreshing spritz of freshness that I find helps to give my skin a little extra glow! There was also a delicious smelling body wash and moisturiser from the same range. Natural skincare and beauty products are something that I’m really passionate about and I think that what we put onto our skin is just as important as what goes into our body. These three products are from a brand called Evolve and are all Organic and made from mostly natural ingredients. 

The other beauty products in the box were a lip balm, natural deodorant cream and mascara. Natural deodorants are something that I find can be really hit and miss and I was get to find one that I found really worked well. This particular product is quite different from any of the others that I’ve tried previously, as it’s in a cream form, rather than a spray or roll on. I found this to be really gentle on the skin and actually works pretty well to keep me smelling fresh as a daisy. I personally haven’t found any other natural deodorants that deliver results comparable to this one, so over all, I was very impressed! 

Not only do these boxes provide you with a gorgeous selection of cosmetic products, but I also received a selection of different protein powders from a brand called Purition. I’ve seen these about in Wholefoods and was very eager to give them a try! They offer both vegan and whey protein options, containing lots of incredible ingredients like: linseeds, chia seeds and freeze dried fruit powders. There are SO many different flavours to choose from; ranging from pistachio to chocolate, strawberry and even coconut! I’ve created a super simple and tasty strawberry coconut protein bar recipe for you guys to try out featuring the strawberry Purition whey blend. These are a really delicious chocolate covered, coconutty treat with tasty hints of berry running through the filling. I also think that a neutral tasting protein like vanilla or coconut would work well in this recipe as well. 

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