Instant Chocolate Chia Pudding

Seeing as I’m writing this on a Sunday night, I thought it would only be appropriate to share a quick and easy breakfast recipe to get you ready to kickstart an awesome week ahead! I’m pretty excited for this week, I must say.. mainly because it’s my birthday on Tuesday! I’m still like a child when it comes to special occasions like Christmas, Easter and Birthday’s; I get so excited and I can pretty much guarantee that I will be up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning! I usually get up ridiculously early anyway actually.. so not much of a change there to be honest! 

So, what stands this apart from a regular chia pudding, is that you don’t actually have to leave it overnight to set and thicken. It’s all good and well prepping your breakfast the night before and getting organised with that meal prep life. However, what if you simply forget or get home really late and just want to run straight up the stairs and curl up in bed? Well.. this doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a super tasty breakfast on the go, without having to spend ages throwing something together when you’re in a rush of a morning. 

Chia puddings are a great option for those times when I feel like it’s a tad too hot to dive into a warm bowl of oats. With that being said, I have still being having porridge for breakfast over the past week and the weather in London has been absolutely boiling! I do love my protein oats though, so I think that very little would get in my way of enjoying those in the morning! However, if you are looking for something a little more suitable for a warm Summer’s morning and that doesn’t require any cooking! I find that chia seeds keep me feeling nice and full throughout the morning and they’re also a source of plant based healthy fats. I find that personally, I feel much better when I include lots of healthy fats into my diet and I love to find these from a variety of different food sources and keep things interesting. 

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