Home made mango coconut yoghurt


From that moment when I first tasted coconut yoghurt, it was literally love at first mouthful. This stuff is just the most creamy and delicious creation imaginable.. it’s literally just magical. I never in a million years imagined that one day I would actually be making my own and I that it would actually taste good?! In fact, it’s probably one of my favourite coconut yoghurts so far and isn’t all that difficult to make. I would say the trickiest stage in the process was working out how to cut open the coconut- which despite the easy to follow instructions, I still found slightly challenging! 



This coconut yoghurt is primarily made from the flesh of a young thai coconut, which is then blended with the juicy, sweet mango. These coconuts are different from the ones that you’d typically find in lots of supermarkets or at a coconut shire, as the meat is really soft as oppose to being hard and crunchy. I think it also tastes really good eaten on it’s own, but this coconut flesh can be blended into so many different things including: smoothies, raw desserts, creams and in this instance, yoghurt. 

As it’s made from coconuts, this recipe is completely dairy free, so is a great yoghurt alternative and pairs beautifully with fruit, granola or perhaps a cheeky slice of cake. Coconuts are also a good source of healthy fats, which are something that I always insure to try and include into my diet as they provide lots of great nutritional benefits. The coconut meat just adds the most incredible creamy texture, as well as a delicious hint of coconutty flavour, which is so heavenly along with the flavours from the mango. To be honest, this is just the perfect recipe in my eyes as it includes two of my very favourite things: coconut and mangos. Up until this week, I’ve been eating a mango every day.. I literally can’t get enough of them and they work well in both sweet and savoury recipes! 






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