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Although the vast majority of my posts are for delightful sweet treats and desserts, there are often occasions where I feel rather inspired to cook up something savoury. Breakfast was once something that I tended to avoid and felt I just didn’t have the time for.. but now this couldn’t be further from the truth and breakfast is now my upmost favourite meal time of the day! I know you’ve probably heard people saying this time and time again, but I really find that what I have for breakfast greatly impacts upon how I feel for the rest of the day. If I know that I’m going to be training early in the morning, then I’ll tend to have something slightly heavier on the carbs like some protein porridge.  Where as, if I’m not going to the gym until later in the day, then I’ll usually opt for something a little on the lighter side and a good source of proteins and healthy fats, like eggs or smoked salmon.. with some veggies in there of course! 




These pesto mushrooms are a truly delicious way to start the day and are absolutely packed with rich, garlicky flavours. The pesto sauce is so quick and simple to make as well.. and is also nut free! Rather than using the classic addition of pine nuts, I’ve switched things up a little bit and used hemp seeds instead. These are a great source of healthy fats and plant based protein and have a really nice subtle nutty flavour. They also help to make the pesto really smooth and creamy, along with the addition of avocado- not something that you’d typically find in pesto I know, but it adds a really wonderful flavour and makes is super creamy! 

I know that these are called ‘breakfast’ mushrooms, but to be honest they’d make a great side for any time of the day. You could also use any leftover pesto sauce in salads, pastas or even spread on some crackers for a quick and nutritious snack in seconds. Here I’ve paired them with one of my favourite breakfast additions: smoked salmon! But you could also add in some poached eggs and rye bread to the mix too, for  really hearty cooked breakfast. 



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