Hemp & goji berry raw protein brownies


I feel like raw brownies are one of the good old classics when it comes to healthy desserts and they are still definitely have a firm place at the top spot for me. I think I might even go as far as saying that I prefer them to ordinary brownies! Woah, I know right, that’s pretty big claim to make. But, they are a lot easier to make, have an amazing gooey, fudgey texture and are actually pretty healthy.. in comparison to lots of normal cakes anyway! 

I was thinking of how I could mix things up and create a slightly different variation of the usual raw brownies that I’ve made on the blog previously and these are what I came up with. I’ve had to up my protein intake recently to support my training program, so protein desserts have been something that I’ve been trying to focus a little more on. I think these can actually be a little more tricky than my usual creations as protein powder can be slightly more difficult to work with. I’ve tried and tested so many different protein powders, I think I’ve actually lost count! However, luckily now I have a nice little collection of brands that I know work well and that I really like! For these bars, I’ve gone with an unflavoured vegan protein blend, which I think works really well as the brownies have a really delicious chocolatey flavour on their own. 

Adding protein powders into these little snacks and desserts is a great way to sneak in an extra little bit of protein and up the nutritional content. If you’re struggling to hit your protein goals for the day, then this could be something for you to try to make sure that you’re getting enough into your diet. I like to make sure that I’m getting sufficient protein with every snack and meal to help keep me feeling satisfied and on track with my meal plan. 


Not only are these brownies gooey, chocolatey and nutritious.. but they also have another little superfood twist with the addition of some fruity goji berries and also hemp seeds. Goji berries are really tasty little fruits that are both sweet and slightly tangy at the same time. They also have a kind of chewy texture, which works really nicely in the brownie and adds a little bit of variation to the texture. 



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