Healthy baking with Holland & Barrett


Holland and Barrett was one of the first places that I started shopping when I began making healthier changes to my lifestyle as they offer a fantastic selection of products that help to make healthy living an absolute breeze. I still to this day shop in Holland and Barrett on an extremely regular basis and it’s the home of some of my absolute kitchen staples! So obviously I was more than happy to collaborate with them on this, to create a healthy baked summer treat!



I’m by no means an expert when it comes to baking, so I will admit that I do get slightly nervous whenever someone asks me to bake something! I knew that I wanted to create some sort of sponge cake with coconut cream, but the addition of the fruity flavours were a spare of the moment addition at the end.. and I think they give it that little extra something. For me, sponge cake with whipped cream is the epitome of summer desserts, as I used to absolutely adore victoria sandwich! I love the combination of the light and simple sponge, paired with the burst of fruitiness and smooth, velvety whipped cream- absolute heaven. This cake is infused with fresh orange and pomegranate juice, which helps to keep it moist and provides a really nice zingy flavour. Instead of using regular whipped cream, I’ve gone for the delicious alternative of coconut cream frosting, which is a great dairy free alternative and tastes pretty incredible! Alls you will need for this is a can of coconut milk. liquid sweetener of choice and an electric whisk, it really is that simple and I find it to have a much lighter feeling to cream. 

Since living back at home for a short while, I try and get my younger brother to sample some of my creations when possible; however this can sometimes be a little tricky seeing as he doesn’t like nuts or coconut.. two of my staple ingredients! Anyway, I got him to try some of this cake upon taking it out from the oven and he thought it ‘tasted quite like normal cake’.. and coming from him, I would say that’s a result! 





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