Gooey raw caramel biscuit bars


These were another pretty random, unplanned creation.. hence the name not being very innovative. They’re basically exactly what it says they are.. gooey, caramel, biscuit things in the shape of bars.. well duh. But, despite my not so appealing introduction to this post, these were pretty amazing (if I do say so myself) I literally couldn’t stop myself from eating two..or three straight from the freezer! I know I’ve made lots 0f caramel slices before (you’d think that i’d be sick of them by now!) but these ones are slightly different, as I decided to get all creative and try out a new, slightly more unusual ingredient in the biscuit base, which is.. coconut flour! AND to my pleasant surprise, I actually think that it works really well and helps to create that biscuity, shortbread like texture- like one of the most delicious biscuits ever.


Coconut flour was something that I hadn’t really used an awful lot of, purely because I wasn’t really sure how to use it. It’s a bit of a funny one and you can’t use it as a direct replacement for normal flour, as it has a very different texture and absorbs a lot of liquid. This doesn’t mean that it’s not an amazing ingredient when used in the right things! It’s great for making low carb recipes like protein pancakes.. and it tastes like coconut which is an obvious win in my eyes!



I think what amazes me the most about these things is how such a sweet and decadent caramel can be made so easily from healthy, natural ingredients? Like, if I didn’t spend most of my life making these things, it would literally boggle my mind as to something that tastes like that could possibly be refined sugar and chemical free! Well, it is definitely possible and also incredibly easy as well! I’ve kept this one really simple; all that you’ll need is some medjool dates, peanut butter and a fairly strong food processor. As for the chocolate, that’s just the classic coconut oil, cacao and maple syrup combo.. and that can never really fail right? 

Although still an indulgence, these are a little bit lighter than my usual caramel slices, so make a great bite sized treat that I don’t have to feel too guilty about. I mean.. fish and broccoli with a caramel slice on the side.. balance! 




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