Gingerbread Cheesecake (no bake, vegan)

In the theme of getting in the festive spirit, of course there’s going to be a hefty handful of gingerbread flavoured recipes making an appearance over the coming few weeks! These gingerbread cheesecake bars are deeee-licious and are also no-bake and vegan too! Starting with a nice crunchy, biscuit style base and then followed by a super smooth and creamy gingerbread layer. I was slightly sceptical about whether or not a gingerbread flavoured cheesecake would be a good thing.. as I don’t think I’ve ever had one before really? But, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by this one and it’s really very tasty! 

The cheesecake layer is of course, my classic blend of cashews and coconut milk- which just works a dream every time! Combining the cashews with the addition of coconut milk, helps to create that silky smooth texture, that you would just never guess was made from nuts! 

As you can see, here I’ve opted for cheesecake bars, just because I like making desserts in bars and think they’re easier to eat and share with people. But seeing as it’s Christmas, you could always make a whole cheesecake if you wanted it to be a little more fancy! This would make a lovely centre piece for a Christmas party/dinner spread.. or the little bars would be ideal for a party buffet table. Speaking of parties.. I’m meant to be throwing a Christmas party this evening and have I bought all of the food yet, nope, not a single thing! So I think a manic rush to the supermarket will definitely be on the agenda for later then! I feel like this time of year is literally a mad rush of shopping chaos haha! 

I took a quick trip to Oxford Street yesterday to grab some shopping and it was definitely the busiest that I’ve ever seen it! I got stuck half way down between a crowd of carol singers at one point haha! London is looking absolutely beautiful at the moment with all of the Christmas lights and decorations though- I wish Christmas lights and trees could just be something that we have all year round. I would genuinely be happy to have my beautiful tree in my living room for the whole year! 

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