Fruity mango chia seed pudding


Here’s a really quick and simple breakfast recipe that you can whip up and enjoy on the go for those mornings when you don’t have a minute to spare. Chia seeds really are amazing little ingredients that are a good source of fibre and healthy fats. They also create this really cool jelly like pudding when mixed with a liquid that you can serve as a breakfast, dessert and even use as a substitute for eggs in baking. I love to include these into my diet to try and up my fibre intake; which is something that I’ve recently noticed really effects how I feel in myself, especially my tummy and digestion. This chia seed pudding is one of my favourites yet because I just love the flavours of the delicious sweet and juicy mango! Mangos are one of my favourite fruits, especially during the summer months as they have such a tropical vibe and pair beautifully with coconut! 

This really is so simple to make and you can throw everything into a jar before you go to bed and you’ll have breakfast ready and waiting for you in the morning.. so now there’s really no excuse not to be prepared. You can also add a whole selection of different garnishes and toppings to jazz things up and make breakfast even more delicious! Here I’ve kept things nice and simple with some greek yoghurt and coconut chips, but I think fresh berries and nut butter would also make excellent additions. 





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