Festive nutty coconut oil chocolate bark

Well it wouldn’t be Christmas without a good old chocolate recipe now would it?! Can you actually believe that the big day is now only two days away?! This month has absolutely flown by and I wish that we could have the festive season all over again! The run up to Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and I always feel like it’s over in the blink of an eye, before I’ve even had the chance to do half of the Christmassy things that I’ve wanted to! Being in London for Christmas this year has been amazing as everything just looks so beautiful and festive! I know there’s not that long left now, but If you haven’t been down Regent Street, Oxford Street or around Sloane Square or The Kings Road, then that’s something I would definitely recommend doing. The lights are gorgeous, especially if you go during the night time! 

Christmas is a pretty big time for chocolate and it’s something that always seems to be on hand throughout Christmas day, for a bit of sweet snacking in between the feasting. This chocolate bark is pretty fuss free and easy to whip up.. and it’s made from coconut oil! Coconut oil actually mades an amazing base for raw chocolate, as it has a really delicious sweet, coconutty flavour, so I actually find that I sometimes need to use a little less sweetener because of this. It also creates an incredibly smooth, melt in-the-mouth chocolate consistency- almost like a truffle. I wanted to make this chocolate slightly more special and festive, so I did what I’ve been doing to pretty much all my desserts lately; which is adding pomegranates and chopped nuts! The combination of these two have just been my go-to’s for Christmas decorations this year, as I think the colours look really pretty and festive. Quite a lot of the Christmas themed desserts also tend to have some sort of nutty or dried fruit theme, so I thought this would work really well in the chocolate too. I love adding different things into the chocolate bark, as it creates a really interesting variation of texture and you get a nice hit of sweetness from the fruit and then crunchiness from the nuts.  

This makes a great little indulgent snack or dessert to share with your family and friends, as you can just break it up into rough pieces and share it with everyone- or in my boyfriends case, scoff the whole lot to yourself! 


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