Eating out in London: The Good Life Eatery


If you’re familiar with the fitness and health social media scene, then it’s pretty likely that you’ve heard of The Good Life Eatery. I think I first came across a photo of one of their amazing meals whilst browsing Instagram one day and from then on, I new I needed to pay them a visit! Since then I don’t think I could possibly tell you the amount of times I’ve been there. Sometimes more than one visit per day! It is genuinely one of my favourite spots to eat when I’m out for the day in London and they have a fantastic selection to choose from on their menu so It would be pretty hard to get bored.

The cafe itself is on Sloane Avenue, just a short walk from South Kensigton tube station and the atmosphere and decor is perfect in my opinion. It’s so cosy so makes a great place to chill out and catch up with friends. This winter I’ve spent many a cold afternoon tucking into some peanut butter cups and delicious salads; great for refueling ready to hit the shops again!


The menu is full of lots of tasty dishes to choose from including both hot and cold foods, breakfasts and additional protein sides. My boyfriend is a big fan of their breakfast dishes and on the weekends they serve them all day, so you can pop in for a nice spot of brunch! My personal favourite dish would have to be their Goodness Bowl; which is a combination of a few of their different salads, a dip, avocado and sweet potato falafels. They also have a large range of cold press juices, smoothies and desserts. If you look in the window you’ll be  able to see their fantastic display of cakes.. They really are pretty impressive!

I think one of the main reasons why I fell in love with this place would be the wonderful flavour combinations used in all of their food and just the general creativity. This would be the perfect place to visit if you find healthy eating to be boring because I’m pretty sure that this would change your mind! Overall i couldn’t recommend this place enough and if you’re ever in the area, a trip to The Good Life Eatery should definitely be part of your agenda for the day!




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