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For today’s post I wanted to share something a little different from my usual recipes. You probably know by now, that I am a great lover of food and in particular, I love to try different cuisines and  eateries around London. Before recently moving to the city, my boyfriend and I did used to make regular trips up here.. mainly to eat, wonder around the parks and train haha! So much so, that we had actually become regular customers at one of our favourite foodie spots, even though we probably had the furthest commute to get there! Now that we’re living here, I find that I’m absolutely spoilt for choice in terms of food and eating out, as there is just an endless list of places that I want to try and simply not enough hours in the week to get round to them! I was incredibly lucky to be invited to sample the mouth watering menu at a place called Pachamama London a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share a bit about my experience with you. I do have a tendency to be slightly picky when eating out and have my favourite spots that I seem to revisit over and over again- so I will only share a new review on here if it’s somewhere that I genuinely like and would recommend. 

I was particularly excited about this visit, as this place is so different from the usual spots that I go to and I’d never tried Peruvian cuisine before. It’s also a little different from the majority of other reviews that I have on here; as it’s not a raw vegan cafe, cold pressed juice bar or major health hub. As much as I do still absolutely LOVE those kinds of places and probably always will, recently I’ve tried to exercise a lot more balance in terms of my food and diet and want to embrace all of the incredible opportunities and food that I have available to me. Although this place isn’t raw vegan or 100% gluten free (they do however have a gluten free menu!), the dishes are really whole food based and use an abundance of fresh vegetables, grains and lean meats. All of the food was of an amazing quality, packed with flavour and was just all round delicious!

So.. on with what you really want to know! I would like to begin by saying that I was reeeaally impressed with this place and would definitely go back for a second visit! I also think it would be the perfect place to bring my family when they come to London.. my mum would absolutely love it! The staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating and literally brought us the entire menu to sample- which was amazing and incredibly generous! One of the first things that I noticed about the restaurant, was the beautiful decor and atmosphere that they had created. Everything looked really authentic and very well thought out, to in keep with the style of the food. It has quite a cosy and intimate feel, so would be ideal for a date night dinner or family meal. There’s also a cocktail bar and larger party tables.. so would be an excellent location for a work Christmas do as well! 


The restaurant is really conveniently located in central London, not far from Bond Street Station. This makes it a great place to pop into for a spot of lunch if you need a quick break from shopping!

Who to take:

One of the main things that really appealed to me here was the wide variety of dishes available on the menu, as I feel that everything is just so different. There are so many items to choose from and you can pick from a selection of different meats, fish and also delicious vegetable dishes too. As the menu is so varied, I think that this would be a great place to bring a wide range of people. But in particularly someone who likes trying out new cuisines and really innovative foods. There are also lots of gluten free options on the menu too!

What to order: 

This is probably the most difficult category for me to write, as I could actually recommend everything! If I had to narrow it down, I would probably say go for the plantain or aubergine dishes for your veggie sides, the duck & rice dish or the burger for the main and the chocolate pudding with quinoa ice cream to finish. They also do an excellent cup of coffee might I add!  




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