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It’s been a fair while since I’ve done a review on here for you guys, but to be honest I’ve been tending to revisit my classic favourite foodie spots over and over again recently and haven’t really tried anywhere new in the last month or so. I’m also quite particular about the cafes/restaurant reviews that make it up onto the blog; as I only want to recommend places to you that I’ve really loved and would return to over and over again. Most of the previous reviews on here are still places that I continue to go back to all of the time and it would be exceptionally difficult for me to pick a favourite! 

The spot that I wanted to tell you about today is on the King’s Road and part of the same chain as Salad Pride, in Covent Garden. It’s situated in the Triyoga centre and has the most beautifully relaxing and tranquil atmosphere; perfect for a chilled brunch with friends or afternoon with your laptop getting through some work. Right, let’s talk about the food now shall we! I know this is rather a bold statement, but I actually think that these salads may just be some of the best that I’ve ever encountered at a London eatery! I know right.. told you it was bold! This is a pretty hefty review, so you might want too grab yourself a cuppa’ whilst you have a read through! 

Food & Drinks:

This would be the ideal place to take someone who sees salads as being bland and boring.. the dishes here would surely prove them wrong! Lets start off with the drinks menu shall we! They offer an amazing selection of fresh juices, smoothies and also hot drinks. They probably have the widest range of lattes and superfood lattes that I’ve ever seen, so it took me a fair while to finally come to a decision of which one I wanted to try. I opted for the raspberry & rose latte- probably mostly because it was pink haha.. and my boyfriend went for a really delicious orange based juice. Of course, I also couldn’t resist a coffee after my lunch and was pleased to discover that they offer a range of dairy free milks; almond, coconut, oat and soya- something that’s very important to me when choosing a good coffee spot! 

Onto the food! The menu is divided into four main sections: breakfasts, soups, feasts and salads. All of the dishes are plant based and packed with an amazing array of colours! Both Ben and myself went for ‘feasts’, which are basically big salad like bowls filled with different sorts of veggies, dips, beans and lots of other scrumptious offerings. I love it when restaurants do bowls like these, as it gives you the opportunity to sample a selection of different dishes and get a really good mix of salads and flavours. 

The soups also look incredible, as they come with a vegetable base, with the soup on the side for you to pour over the top. It’s also nice that they have a selection of different soups to choose from, as lots of places typically offer a ‘seasonal soup’ or ‘soup of the day’, so it’s nice to have some options. 

All of the food tasted really fresh and was packed with an incredible blend on flavours. One of my favourite parts of my dish was without a doubt the cashew nut cheese! I find that nut cheese can be a little bit hit and miss.. but then again, I think a lot of it probably comes down to personal preference really and they do really vary. I tend to like ones that have a much thicker consistency and a really rich, yet creamy flavour. When it comes to actual cheese, I’m a big fan of stronger tasting cheeses, so the same applies when I eat nut based cheeses.. and this one was pretty much perfect! The hummus was also incredible! What I liked most about these dishes is how original and creative they were. They use really interesting and usual flavour blends and I just think it’s a little bit different from a lot vegan restaurants that I’ve tried previously, which is really nice.

What to get:

If you’re a coffee fan, then I would definitely recommend trying the coffee’s here.. trust me they’re good! I’ve really got into my coffee over the last year and it is something that I think you can taste the difference with if you’re a coffee fan. There are some really good cups of coffee out there.. and then some not so good ones as well. Luckily, the coffee at King’s Road Pride was pretty on point.. and they do coconut AND almond milks, which is always a winner with me! But if you’re not a coffee fan or don’t drink caffeine, then there are lots of Superlattes to choose from as well!

In terms of food, I haven’t tried everything, but I would highly recommend opting for the protein feast! The Tamara mushrooms are so delicious and I absolutely loved the chickpea ‘farinata’- which was like a kind of bread made purely from chickpeas?! Really interesting and unusual and SO tasty! 


I was really impressed with the service here, all of the staff were really friendly and helpful, especially when it came to selecting items from the menu and explaining all of the different dishes. I would say the service was also reasonably fast.. and if you know me, you’ll know I don’t like to wait a long time for food- when I’m hungry, I’m HUNGRY! 


Again, something that I was pretty impressed with. I think that the dishes here are definitely really well priced for the quality and amount of food that you get. The portions are pretty generous and the food is amazing, so really can’t complain on that front! I know some vegan restaurants can tend to be a little more on the pricy side, which is sometimes off putting for people, so I would definitely recommend trying out King’s Road Pride if you want something delicious and still affordable! 


Like I mentioned earlier, this place really does have such a beautiful atmosphere and is honestly so relaxing! It’s in the Triyoga studio, so you could even enjoy a spot of yoga before you’re brunch if you fancied it too. It’s so lovely and peaceful, so really is the perfect place to take a nice relaxing break and enjoy some good food! I find that the ambience in a restaurant is something that is really important to me; I’m not too keen on places that are really cramped and noisy. 


Something that I don’t always mention when writing reviews, but probably should, is the location. This can be found at the end of the King’s Road, so is ideal if you want to do a spot of shopping before/afterwards as they’re are lots of amazing shops. I tend to either get the bus or tube and you can easily walk down to Sloane Square or South Kensigton Tube stations from here. 


If you want to read a little more about King’s Road Pride or their other cafe, then I’ve popped a link to their website here for you to take a look. 

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