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It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve done one of these posts and written about somewhere that I’ve eaten! Far too long in fact! I’ve been spending a lot more time in London recently, just like the good old days! So I’ve taken this opportunity to try out a few of the new foodie spots that I’ve been meaning to visit. First on my list was definitely this little gem, located in Notting Hill- Farmacy. Since it’s opening, I’ve seen countless images of the food from here all over my Instagram feed and couldn’t wait to give it a try! I’ve been twice now with my boyfriend and we’ve been extremely impressed with the food and service both times and will definitely be visiting again in the near future! So, here’s a few of the thinks I thought you might like to know:

The food: Always my favourite category in these mosts and pretty much the star of the show! The majority of the menu at Farmacy is vegan if I’m not mistaken, however, they do offer poached eggs with some dishes and as a side. There’s an amazing range of salads, starters, vegan pizza & pasta dishes and their selection of ‘Earth bowls’- which have been my personal favourite. They also have quite a large range of drinks on the menu, as well as a completely epic choice of desserts! All of the dishes are incredibly creative and look absolutely mouthwatering! I’ve tried two of the different Earth Bowls, which are packed with veggie goodness and bursting with incredible flavours. They typically contain lots of hearty grains, vegetables, legumes and dips. Both times I’ve also ordered a side of their chips with a cashew sauce, which FYI are THE BEST chips that I think I’ve ever tasted! My boyfriend hasn’t been quite as adventurous and has opted for the same dish both times; the artichoke pizza. But then, I guess if something’s not broke, why fix it? They also offer things like curries and ‘Caesar’ salads, as well as side dishes of sweet potato falafel, hummus and guac. 


What to get: If I had to recommend one thing.. I really don’t think that I could! So, I’ll go for a main, side and dessert. I’m probably not the best person for this job, as I haven’t yet tried that many dishes from the menu, but based on what I’ve sampled so far I would recommend going for: the Mexican Earth Bowl for the main, with a side of chips and the chocolate brownie sundae for dessert! To be honest, the chocolate brownie sundae probably requires a whole section of this review just for itself as it is out of this world DELICIOUS. It’s an incredible dairy free ice cream sundae made with ‘nice cream’, maca caramel, nut brittle and refined sugar free, vegan brownies! How good does that sound?!

Pricing: I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised with the pricing of the menu here. I guess this part probably varies depending on the person and how much money you tend to spend on food. In my case, this usually far too much! But in all seriousness, for the quality and portion of food, I really don’t think that the prices here are too bad at all! AND, the service at this place is honestly fantastic and all of the staff have always been very accommodating and helpful! 

Atmosphere: This is perhaps a bit of an interesting one, as the setting and atmosphere of the restaurant is a little different to lots of the other eateries that I’ve reviewed on here as i’d say it’s a little bit more fancy (apologies for not being able to describe it better). The first time I turned up here, we had been in London all day and were still in our gym kit from our previous workout session, so felt slightly out of place when I discovered everyone else to be nicely dressed up in a rather formal style! I think you get the best of both worlds here really, you could pop in for a casual brunch or spot of lunch, or then enjoy a slightly more dressed up evening with a few drinks at the bar. It’s also open pretty late, which is nice as I usually find myself rushing around to try and avoid missing the last dinner orders! 


Occasion: There are often places that we associate with different events or occasions and even times of day. With so many incredible healthy eateries now around London, I often find myself completely spoilt for choice and have certain places that I like to go to at different times of day or depending who I’m with and what sort of meal I’m after. Farmacy is a pretty flexible one, as they offer a whole range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as a bar where you can enjoy cocktails of an evening. This makes it the ideal spot to catch up with friends over brunch, or meet up for a slighlty more fancy girls night out. 

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