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It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about one of my favourite healthy eating spots, but I think the quality of the content is more important than the quantity.. and this place certainly makes for a truly delicious blog post! Like it says in the title, today I’m going to be talking about a fantastic little spot called Ethos Foods, which is situated just off Oxford Street. Ethos is a vegetarian restaurant and has a pretty unique buffet style system, where you can feast on a gorgeous array of vegetable filled dishes, both hot and cold. Plus, there are also some mouthwatering vegan dessert options, for a little after lunch/dinner treat! So, lets get straight into it and get the low down on all things Ethos!

A little background info..

Ethos first opened in 2014 and was founded by Jessica Kruger, who wanted to create somewhere that offered delicious meat free dishes that weren’t just pasta and risotto! After struggling to find many vegetarian alternatives when eating out, Jessica decided to experiment with her own recipes and after great success with this, wanted to share them with others. Ethos is now an extremely popular healthy hotspot in central London, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options.




Ethos is located just a short walk from Oxford Street; great if you need a quick refuel before continuing to hit the shops. The location is one of the things that first drew me to this place, as I often find that I have to travel a little further a field, to slightly more secluded spots when in search for some nourishing foodie goodness. But Ethos is pretty much smack bang in the middle of all the action; which means less time traipsing around and jumping from tube to tube and more time shopping and eating- yay!


I feel like Ethos would be perfect for all manner of different occasions; whether that be a quick working lunch, girly post yoga brunching, date night or even a family birthday dinner. It has a light and airy, yet cosy atmosphere, all at the same time. The decor is simple, yet beautiful and I find it’s always a great place to relax and enjoy a calming & delicious meal.



How it works:

So this is where Ethos is different; the food is served as a buffet where you can fill your plate with whatever it is you fancy and then pay based on the weight. This actually works out to be pretty reasonably priced compared with other similar systems that I’ve tried; always a plus! It also means that you aren’t limited to just one dish and can try as many things as your heart desires!



The food:

FOOD; without a doubt the most important part of a restaurant and there are so many dishes to choose from, I’m always spoilt for choice! Everything is vegetarian and lots of the dishes are also vegan too. They have a wide range of both hot and cold dishes, from vibrant green salads and home made baba ganoush to crispy sweet potato fries and warming vegetable curry. As it’s a buffet, you can mix and match and have a little bit of everything- perfect for those who are indecisive like me! All of the dishes are clearly labelled, along with all of the vegan option- making it easier for you to find the best options for you. Ethos also offer a delicious range of snacks and desserts, including some vegan and refined sugar free cakes like black bean brownies. Mmm brownies. I mean, just look at those brownies and tell me that’s not making you hungry!


I think a lot of people can sometimes be a little put off or apprehensive when you tell them that you’re going to eat at a vegetarian restaurant, but I really do think that Ethos is the perfect place to show someone that vegetarian food doesn’t just mean eating lettuce leaves! Although my boyfriend is currently eating a plant based diet for lent with me, he isn’t normally a vegetarian, yet he absolutely loves Ethos. He’s not so much into salads or plates of kale, so loves that they serve lots of warm and hearty dishes- his recommendation after our most recent visit would be the vegan nasi goreng.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this review and if you like the look of Ethos Foods, I would definitely recommend paying them a visit, I know I can’t wait until my next trip! I’ll put the link to their website bellow if you want to find out more information.




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