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I was recently, very kindly sent a meal package from a wonderful company called Mindful Chef to try out, so I wanted to share my thoughts and experience on here with you. I’m sure lots of you are already familiar with this company, but it case you’re not: they offer a fantastic service whereby, you’re sent a selection of ingredients and recipe cards to create delicious, nourishing meals to enjoy. You can choose from a regular and plant based meal box, which both include lots of fresh, organic ingredients and absolutely no refined sugars or gluten! Although I am personally not vegan, I opted for the plant based meal box as I often enjoy trying out different plant based dishes and experimenting with new things. I was sent two recipe cards, along with all of the ingredients; the one shown in the photos was for courgette fritters with red pepper quinoa and avocado- delicious!


I love the concept of the Mindful Chef boxes, as I think it’s a great way to get people into the kitchen and trying out a variety of different foods and recipes. If you’re just getting into healthy eating, then something like this could be an excellent place to start and provide you some fresh ideas and inspiration for really easy, healthy and delicious meals! Another thing that I really liked about this, was just how simple and easy the whole process is. All of the ingredients are sent to you in the correct quantities and the recipe cards are composed of clear and easy to follow instructions. I think these make for the perfect mid-week meal, if I’ve had a busy day and am too tired to try and come up with something creative to prepare for dinner. Mindful Chef have already done most of the hard work for you: the recipe is written, ingredients are weighed out and everything is delivered right to your door.. couldn’t be much simpler than that! 


So, onto the meal itself. This was sampled by both my boyfriend and I and definitely got the seal of approval from us both! The courgette fritters were delicious and flavourful, which paired amazingly with quinoa tossed in zingy fresh lime juice.. and to top it off there was AVOCADO mash, which basically tastes good on everything right?! This definitely goes to show that plant based food is not plain or boring and can create a really hearty and filling dish. I think some people worry that plant based dishes might be bland or un-satisfying, but this was neither of those things and actually inspired me to experiment with more meat free recipes on a regular basis. 

Overall, I would say I’m pretty impressed with the mindful chef boxes and think they’re a really great idea. I love that they offer plant based options and also how easy the recipes are to follow along with. If you’re looking for some fresh meal inspiration, want to start making healthier choices or find yourself reaching for less healthy, more convenient food choices after a long day, then this might be something you’ll love! Not to mention, this is probably more convenient than lots of food choices, as it’s actually delivered to your door! If you want to find out a little more information on Mindful Chef then I’ve linked to their website here. I very strongly believe that what we put into our bodies has an amazing impact on health and how we feel and it’s so great to have companies who care about providing good quality, nourishing ingredients.

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