Curried sweet potato & chickpea pancakes with lemon tahini dressing

Right.. I know I always go on about my love for special occasions and foodie holidays.. but Oh my goodness, I feel as though they all come at once sometimes! We have Valentines day, Pancake Day, Easter.. and I’m sure Mother’s Day isn’t too far off either? I’ve definitely seen some cards starting to make an appearance in the shops! I should probably Google that one and put it in my calendar, or my poor Mother won’t be very happy at all! 

In the mean time, lets not get ahead of ourselves and instead focus on the matter in hand.. PANCAKE DAY! Just like with Valentines Day, it seems that I’ve gotten a little over-excited and have cooked up a bit of a pancake storm in the kitchen over the past few weeks, in order to bring you a little selection of pancake recipes! Variety is the spice of life after all.. or so they say?

Anyway, pancakes are typically a sweet treat, so I thought I’d mix things up a little and whip up a savoury recipe for a delicious brunch or lunchtime option. If I’m being completely honest, these weren’t originally meant to be a pancake recipe.. they actually started life as a falafel mixture, until I changed my mind half way through! They actually remind me a little of a potato cake.. did anyone else used to have those for breakfast? My brother and I were huge fans of those, crumpets and pikelets for breakfast, with lashings of butter and ham on top. I was never really a breakfast person, mainly because I just didn’t enjoy toast and cereal, I find them pretty boring to be honest. These kinds of breakfasts however.. not boring in the slightest! Quite the opposite in fact! 

It’s also something that I would quite like to tuck into as a post workout meal when I have a little more time to prepare breakfast. The sweet potato and chickpeas are good sources of carbs and then I love adding a runny fried egg for protein. 


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