Crispy Pesto Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Yep, that’s right.. it’s time for the ultimate festive veggie dish to make an appearance.. the Brussel sprouts! I feel that people are in somewhat of a divide over these little green vegetables.. and they’re definitely the most hated part of the Christmas dinner by so many. Personally, I can’t understand why.. I absolutely love them and would happily eat them all year round! Although, I feel that they’re slightly harder to find in the stores during the Summer months. 

Actually, on second thoughts, I can see why so many people aren’t fans of the classic Brussel sprout dish.. and I think that’s simply because of the way that they’re cooked. I mean, plan, washed out, boiled sprouts neither sound nor taste very appealing now do they. However, when you roast them, this creates a wonderfully crispy outer layer and you can then infuse them with an abundance of delicious flavours like garlic, festive herbs and even get all fancy with some pesto like these ones! 

Pesto is pretty much a staple ingredient in my fridge, as it’s just one of the best ways to add instant flavour to so many different dishes. Something as simple as stirring through a spoonful of pesto can completely transform a dish and give it a real punch of herby, nutty deliciousness! It has quite a unique flavour when you think about it.. I mean, nothing really tastes quite like pesto! It also works well on SO many different dishes: pastas, pizzas, salads, fish, veggies, in dips.. I could literally go on all day here! Typically pesto is made with fresh basil, olive oil, pine nuts and then I think it’s parmesan cheese. As per, I’ve decided to give this version a little twist of my own and it’s actually completely plant based as I’ve used nutritional yeast in place of cheese. I’ve also swapped out the classic pine nuts for some vibrant emerald coloured pistachios.. just because I fancied something a little different really. I love making my own dips and sauces, as it gives you the opportunity to completely customise what’s going in there and tailor it to your own personal preferences. I tend to keep mine fairly minimal on the oil side and use a combination of a small amount of olive oil, lemon juice and water to help achieve that creamy consistency. For this particular batch, I’ve also added in some Green Goodness powder from One Earth Blends; which is a nice way to add an extra boost of the green stuff without having to drink something that tastes like a swamp! 

I think these look so beautiful and am convinced that if more sprouts were served like this at the Christmas Dinner table, people would be less likely to turn their nose up at them! But they certainly don’t just have to be for Christmas, these would make an excellent addition to salads, Buddha bowls or pared with a nice bit of pan fried salmon. 


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