Creamy One Pot Tomato Pasta

This is the ideal Monday night meal that’s simple, quick, makes minimal mess and won’t break the bank. It’s the first day back at work and you’re after something warming and fuss free that you can throw together in no time at all. Pasta was always the go to in my house for such an occasion and this trumps that with the convenience because the entire dish can be cooked up in a single saucepan. This also means very minimal washing up, which I can resoundingly say that I am a huge fan of!

Despite being completely plant based and therefore, dairy free, I can’t get over just how indulgent and creamy tasting the sauce is! I’ve simply added in a spoonful of smooth cashew butter once the pasta was almost cooked to create that velvety, decadent consistency. It’s a great shortcut when making vegan cream sauces, as it’s far quicker than making a roux based sauce or blending up a cashew cream.

You could also add in some extra veggies such as tender-stem broccoli, mushrooms or spinach for some added nutrients! I also really love mixing through some veggies sausages or roasted chickpeas for a sauce of plant based protein.

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