Coconut Sticky Toffee Puddings

Alright guys, so it’s time for this weeks Bake Off entry from me.. and last weeks theme was Pudding Week. I must admit, this was probably the week that I’ve been least excited about.. as puddings are not really my forte. In fact, they’re not something that I’ve really made much of over the years and was slightly stuck for inspiration for this recipe. However, the technically challenge was a melted chocolate peanut butter fondant, which inspired me to re-create one of my boyfriends all time favourite desserts: sticky toffee pudding. 

Yes, okay, these are not quite the same as the classic sticky toffee pudding that you’re probably used to, as I have given them my own little twist and changed the vast majority of the ingredients. However, they’re no less delicious and are just mouthfuls of sweet, spongey deliciousness! I was slightly sceptical when baking these today and wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out.. as these things can usually go one of two ways. I am very pleased to tell you that I was extremely happy with the result and they’ve turned out to be everything that I wanted them to be! Soft, moist, sweet, caramelised.. and just all round delicious! 

I reckon these would make a fabulous date night dessert, or even if you wanted to impress your dinner part guests with a fancy dessert. they’re not too long-winded or difficult to throw together, set still taste incredibly decadent and indulgent! instead of the usual butter and sugar, I’ve used coconut sugar and coconut oil; which just so happen to be two of my absolute staple baking ingredients. Both of these fill my bakes with the tastiest, sweet, caramelised, coconutty undertones and just create the best cakes and sweet treats in my opinion. I’ve recently been discussing this with my brother on a number of occasions and have agreed, that we actually prefer the flavour of coconut sugar in comparison to regular cane sugar. It’s slightly richer and more treacle like in flavour, which infuses into baked goods and just tastes.. so scrumptious! It also works really well in hot drinks like tea and coffee! 

Now that the weather is rapidly becoming colder and Autumn is well under way, I think that bowls of warm dessert filled goodness are the perfect treat for a weekend evening in, so I’m sure that this recipe will become a firm winter favourite! I reckon they will be getting re-made for my family a fair few times in the foreseeable future! 

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