Coconut & Raspberry Chia Pudding

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and get my blogging mojo really back on point and schedule lots of blog posts ready to go up over the next couple of weeks! It’s currently 11:40pm as I’m sat here on may sofa currently frantically typing away on my laptop. I’ve been munching on rather a lot of peanut butter and banana toast this evening, so I’m feeling pretty energised and really getting stuck into my work right now! Note to self: PB & banana toast makes excellent working fuel for me!

Chia Pudding’s are a great breakfast if you’re looking for something that you can prepare the night before, to save both time and effort the next morning, when you’re rushing around getting ready for the day ahead! They also make a nice change from the classic oatmeal, if you’re not in the mood for something hot that morning. Chia seeds are a great source of healthy fats and fibre, so I find these really do help to keep me feeling fuller for longer. 

You can serve these with fresh berries, nut butters, yoghurt, smoothie bowls or whatever else you fancy. They’re really versatile and easily transportable, so you can take them along to work with you for a delicious breakfast to enjoy at your desk. This particular recipe is flavoured with fresh, vibrant berry flavours with sweetness from banana and coconut water. I’ve been literally obsessed with bananas recently.. like I actually can’t stop eating them! They’re an amazing source of natural sugars and really help to satisfy my sweet tooth. I also love including them in recipes in place of coconut sugar or maple syrup and they also help to add moisture to baked goods. Coconut water is also something that I’ve been really getting into over the past few weeks as well. I’m not actually a huge fan of drinking the stuff on it’s own, but in recipes it’s been working a real treat! I’ve also discovered that it works fantastically in savoury recipes such as soups too! You can take a look at my golden coconut soup recipe here

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