Coconut & quinoa crispy cakes with cacao frosting


These coconut & quinoa crispy cakes are one of the latest things that I’ve been rustling up in my kitchen and are basically like a grown up version of those delicious chocolatey rice crispy cakes that we all used to love as children. I remember making batches of these in the kitchen with my mum; my favourite part of the event always being licking the bowl clean of melted chocolate at the end! Yum! 


This version has got a slightly more nutritional twist, but is definitely no less delicious! I’ve used something a little different here in place of the typical rice crispies: quinoa puffs. These are great for using in a variety of different recipes including: granolas, cereal bars or simply just sprinkling over yoghurt or porridge for a nice little bit of texture variation. As these are made from quinoa, they also contain a little extra protein an it’s a nice variation from the classic rice puffs or cornflakes. Another slightly different twist that I’ve added in here is coconut chips; which work amazingly with the rich cacao flavours and also give a really nice extra bit of crunch. 

Now, for one of the best part of nearly every dessert.. the frosting! This is such a simple combination, however could quite possible be one of the tastiest things that I’ve ever made. This pretty much came about on a complete whim, as I just threw a few different things into a bowl and hoped for the best! But, it’s definitely a recipe that I can see myself using time and time again in a whole multitude of different desserts! You’ll only need three ingredients to make this and if you’re anything like me, then they’re likely to be things that you already have in your kitchen cupboards at the moment: almond butter, cacao powder and maple syrup. As well as having about a million other uses, almond butter makes the perfect base for a truly creamy, heavenly frosting and leaves a subtle hint of nutty flavour to compliment the sweet, chocolately infusion of cacao and maple syrup. This stuff is seriously so good, I was pretty surprised that it actually managed to make it’s way onto the cakes!





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