Coconut & almond butter cups


I still remember the time when I tried my first ever peanut butter cup.. and from then on, I knew it was definitely love. I’ve always been somewhat of a peanut butter addict. I seem to remember one evening before a night out, as usual my mum was telling me how I needed to have some dinner before heading out, but the only thing that I wanted to eat was peanut butter. So, there I was, sat at my kitchen counter, spooning that peanut butter straight outta’ the jar, whilst everyone else tucked into a slightly more typical sit down dinner. Thankfully, I now know lots of people who too share my love for nut butters, so my habit doesn’t seem quite so bizarre, but at that moment in time, I think I did seem a little peculiar haha! 


Peanut butter is now an extremely popular flavour in a whole array of amazingly delicious snacks, cakes, cookies and many many more sweet treats; but I think the good ol’ peanut butter cup still remains a firm favourite in my heart. Well, in this case, they are actually almond butter cups, but I imagine they would probably taste incredible with just about any nut butter to be honest! I am not exaggerating when I say that nut butters are literally one of my greatest foodie addictions. I can’t even specifically pin point what exactly it is about them that I love so much. I mean, they don’t really have a distinctive flavour that I could describe to you now.. and they’re neither really sweet or savoury. Yet they just taste SO GOOD and can be added to pretty much anything! 


Amazingly, these are actually really easy to make from home and require only a few ingredients! Also, this version is also pretty healthy and only has 2 tablespoons of maple syrup in the whole recipe.. which I don’t think is all that bad! I also think that these make for an incredibly satisfying little treat, as the chocolate is pretty rich and intense, so really hits the spot for me! Plus, can I just take a moment to talk about the nut butter centre. This is not just any old nut butter FYI; my mum recently stocked up on one of our favourite flavours of Pip & Nut butter: the coconut and almond one. Oh my goodness. Like, this stuff, seriously.. it’s SO SO tasty. If you haven’t tried this yet, then you really need to! Coconut and almond butter are two of my favourite things.. so the two of them merged together to create this nut butter is just a true thing of beauty! 

I think that these make for the perfect little after dinner treat, when you feel like indulging a little on a cosy Friday night in front of the TV and I also think they’d be a great thing to serve to friends too. I reckon I’d be pretty impressed if someone served me something chocolately, filled with nut butter and kinda’ healthy! Yum!




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