Cinnamon Apple Galette

I’ve partnered with Jazz Apple to bring you this sponsored post, featuring my new favourite dessert recipe! Which will hopefully become yours too! This apple galette is perfect for a post Christmas dinner dessert or for something to take along to a dinner party. It’s fairly quick and simple to throw together and doesn’t requite lots of fancy ingredients.


I’m just so in love with the combination of the sweet, caramelised apples and crisp, crumbly pastry. Making a gluten free pastry was something that originally intimidated me slightly.. I always worried that it wouldn’t hold together or just wouldn’t taste very good. However, it turns out that I was just worrying for no reason here because this recipe has worked a treat! Instead of using a specifically gluten free flour blend, I’ve just used a simple oat flour; which you can make yourself by blending up some gluten free oats. Quick, easy and pretty affordable as well! 

For the filling, I’ve of course used these amazingly sweet and juicy Jazz Apples. I’ve literally become obsessed with apples recently and have started eating at least one every single day! I would say that I’m slightly picky over my apple choices though; they need to be super fresh, juicy and flavourful.. I’m not really a fan of the mild, slightly powdery types. Jazz apples are right up my street- they’re packed with incredible flavour and have that satisfying crunch with every bite! This app variety is celebrating it’s 10th year of being grown in the UK and has also won an award for the tastiest apple.. and I can definitely see why! 

Apple’s have become one of my favourite fruits to use in recent recipes, especially in baking. I’ve started making batches of my own apple puree, which is an amazing edition to things like cakes and brownies to use in place of butter or oils. It adds a nice hint of sweetness, fibre and is also a lower calorie option to fats in baking. Apples are also great in salads, soups, stews, roast dishes, porridge or just as a snack on their own! 



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