Chocolate peppermint bombs


Two flavours that I was never really a fan of growing up, but that I’ve really come to enjoy lately are: chocolate orange and chocolate mint. Yes, they both include chocolate! I’m sure we’ll get onto all things chocolate orange at a later date, but for now, lets stick to the mint. I don’t know what it is about this luscious flavour combo, but it just gives the chocolate that little extra oomph of flavourful deliciousness and I can’t seem to get enough! 

These chocolate bombs are an amazing combination of intensely rich chocolate, gooey sweetness from the dates, a hint of nuttiness and vibrant splash of peppermint! The main body of these is made up of dates and nuts to create a wonderful soft, fudgey texture; incased in a crisp raw chocolate shell. Now, if that isn’t making you hungry then I’m not sure what will! 



Not only do these make a delectable chocolatey treat that’s perfect for that little sweet indulgence after dinner, but they’re also a great source of nutrients and contains lots of amazing natural, wholesome ingredients. Nuts are a great source of plant based proteins and healthy fats, so are something that I love to include into my diet; plus, they make a really convenient and tasty snack for those times when I need something there and then! They’re also somewhat of a staple in vegan cooking and can be used to create so many incredible dishes that I would never have imagined could be produced using nuts! 

One of the things that I love most about these, is the variation in textures between the softer, slightly chewy centre and the really crisp chocolate outer layer. They kind of remind me of chocolate truffles, especially when you add a dusting of raw cacao powder on top for decoration and an extra chocolatey kick. I also think that these would make a great homemade gift idea that you could wrap up in a cute little bag or box with some pretty ribbons. 



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