Chocolate peanut butter protein balls


Since I’ve been thinking about competing for a bikini comp, I’ve rejigged my diet quite a bit and one of the main changes that I’ve made is upping my protein in take. These little protein treats are actually vegan too and made with a plant based protein blend! I know when lots of people think about vegan diets, a common concern is where to get protein from. Whilst I’m not personally a vegan, I do enjoy lots of plant based foods and think that they’re a great thing to try and include into my diet from time to time. These make a great little post-workout snack or mid-afternoon pick me up, as they’re pretty small so can easily be carried around with you in your gym bag. They’re also really quick and simple to throw together, so won’t require hours of faffing about in the kitchen! 


I’m starting to notice a bit of a recurring theme around here, as most of my latest creations seem to contain chocolate or peanut butter.. or in this case, both of them together! I’m definitely not complaining though, I mean, who doesn’t love something that includes chocolate and peanut butter all smooshed together to create possibly one of the tastiest flavour combinations, like ever?! This is probably not the best time for me to be writing this at this moment in time, seeing as I’m getting slightly peckish and now all I want is a huge jar of peanut butter! 

So, other than what I mentioned above, these delicious little bites contain one of my favourite nuts: almonds which are a great source of healthy fats and also vitamin E. Almonds are something that I love to include into my diet and have recently become one of my go-to snacking options as they’re super quick and easy to grab when you’re in a rush! In terms of sweeteners, I’ve used rice syrup in here, which I find has a really nice, mild sweetness to it and also slightly sticky texture that helps to bind everything together. I do find that a lot of these sweeteners are interchangeable though, so you could try this with whatever you like to use or have in your kitchen. 




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