Chocolate orange granola with Conscious Chocolate


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you by now how much I love chocolate orange and this granola really hits the spot when those cravings strike! For some reason the combination of chocolate and orange is just an absolute winner in my eyes.. I could seriously just eat the stuff all day long! Since developing an interest in healthy eating and starting my blog, I think I’ve actually become more of a chocoholic than ever before and I think that’s because I genuinely prefer raw, vegan chocolate to the regular stuff. I’m not entirely sure what it is about it, but I just can’t seem to get enough of raw chocolate! I was never a very big chocolate eater previously and could only stomach about half a bar before beginning to feel nauseous, but that’s definitely not the case anymore! I think raw chocolate has a really different flavour and doesn’t really have that intense sweetness that you can sometimes get with milk chocolate, nor the strong bitter flavour of regular dark chocolate. Plus, there are now so many incredible brands of raw chocolate on the market, that make an amazing range of unique and wonderful flavours.. I literally find myself spoilt for choice when browsing the chocolate section in Wholefoods! 


When I first decided that I wanted to change my diet and start making healthier choices, I completely cut out things like chocolate, as I very much perceived them as being unhealthy and just something that I would no longer be able to eat. However, as well as being incredibly good soul food and tasting completely and utterly delicious, raw chocolate actually contains antioxidants.. so maybe a little more than just a tasty treat? To be honest, as long as I’m having these things in moderation and having a good balance of nutrients in my diet, I think a bit of chocolate here and there is definitely a good thing for me!


Anyway, less about chocolate and more about this granola! The chocolate that I’ve used in this recipe was their orange flavour and the fruity infusion tastes amazing running through the granola and when mixed with milk, it turns the milk all chocolatey! It’s a great breakfast option for when you’re in a rush and just want something that you can throw into a bowl with very little fuss or preparation. If you wanted to up the protein content, you could always try pairing this with some greek yoghurt, nut butter or even mix some protein powder with your milk to create a kind of protein cereal bowl? Get creative, that’s what cooking is all about!





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