Chocolate coconut slices


Seeing as making cakes and sweet treats is a pretty large part of what I do, there is rarely a time when my fridge and freezer isn’t stocked full with some sort of raw desserts! These particular ones, only managed to survive one day before I went into the fridge to discover that they had all been eaten.. and none of them even by me, how unfair! making coconut based desserts is always a bit dangerous in my household, as my mum is an absolute coconut addict- even more so than myself (hard to believe, I know) so anything containing coconut will just be eaten in a matter of minutes! These chocolate coconut slices are kind of my take on a healthy bounty bar and they’re pretty delicious, if I do say so myself!


The main part of the bar, is a subtly sweet blend of coconut, ground almonds and rice syrup which has an amazing, fragrant, tropical flavour from the coconut and just the right amount of sweetness. I’ve then coated these in a thin layer or rich, decadent raw chocolate and added some pistachios for that extra bit of crunch on top! These are the perfect little afternoon snack for those times when you just fancy something a little bit sweet in between lunch and dinner or want a chocolately treat after dinner! 





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