Chocolate & Coconut Overnight Protein Oats

One of the easiest and my most tried and tested breakfast options, is definitely overnight oats or porridge of some variety. Which is funny, because growing up I definitely wasn’t very excited when my mum would tell me that I’d be having oats for breakfast. These are my go-to option if I need to prep something the night before or want something quick and easy before training in the gym.

Oats are a great source of fibre and slow releasing carbohydrates, then you’re also getting a good boost of protein from the vegan protein blend. Oatmeal recipes are great because you can layer them with all of your favourite toppings to your hearts content and also customise the flavours by adding different protein and superfood powders. Obviously, chocolate and coconuts a winning pairing for me and tastes like you’re tucking into a delicious sweet treat for breakfast!

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