Chocolate chip pumpkin breakfast cookies


I am a right cookie monster, that’s no secret but these breakfast cookies are slightly different from the ones that I used to munch through packet after packet! These are probably one of the more simple recipes that I’ve created recently, but they’re actually one of my new favourites! I love making raw cheesecakes and rich, decadent treats.. but I also love slightly more plain and hearty feeling foods. I mentioned that these were slightly different from your average cookie, firstly because they contain pumpkin! I know right, pumpkin in a cookie?! A year ago I couldn’t even manage to eat pumpkin as part of a savoury dish, let alone putting it in some sort of sweet treat! But trust me on this one, pumpkin is actually an amazing addition to sweet dishes and works great in baking! Plus, it’s now pumpkin season and to be honest, each time I walk into the supermarket, I find it hard to resist coming home with yet another pumpkin! 


Since the back to school season started, I’ve been trying to think about quick breakfast options for people to enjoy on their busy weekday mornings and that they can prep in advance. Things like overnight oats, granola bars, protein smoothies and in this case, breakfast cookies are all great for these times! Another wonderful thing about these cookies is that you can enjoy them pretty much any time of day! They make the perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack to accompany your cup of tea and are also a nice little after dinner dessert too.. and of course breakfast (hence the name). 

This will probably come down to personal preference, but my favourite kinds of cookies have always been the ones with chocolate chips or chunks of something in them. I love a cookie to be slightly soft and chewy, with some sort of nut, raisins or chocolate chips inside. One of the main ingredients in here is oats, which are not only perfect for a breakfast dish, but also help to give that nice chewy texture to the cookie. I’ve also added in some raisins, which compliment the spices really well, for that nice Autumnal feel. 




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