Chocolate and raspberry sweet potato brownies


I’ve experienced a few hit and miss attempts when making sweet potato brownies and never felt truly happy enough to post the recipe, until now that is. Since I’ve been doing all of my cooking and blog work at my mum’s house, I’ve started to experiment a lot more with baking, as this is something that I haven’t previously been that adventurous with. Don’t get me wrong, there can be a lot of hard work, as well as trial and error when making raw desserts, but baking is something that I’ve always found a lot harder. Before getting into cooking properly, i’d only really made a handful of cakes- most of which were my go-to vanilla cupcakes with shop bought buttercream frosting smothered on top! This might sound silly to some, but baking can actually be really really hard! There’s so much to think about like: cooking times, temperature, quantities, how much baking powder to put in something.. I could go on all day! So personally, I find the only way to go about this is with lots of patience and experimentation.. oh and having a bit of a baking expert there to help is always handy! That’s where my mum comes in! It’s so handy to have someone else opinion and be able to ask “does this look like a good cake mixture?” every 5 minutes!



Anyway, hopefully with this recipe, you guys won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen and can have baking success first time round! (I hope so anyway). So.. sweet potato brownies. Yep, that does sound a little strange I know, it is a potato in a cake after all. This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but sweet potatoes actually work really well in desserts because of their deliciously sweet and fudgey texture. For this reason, they make an amazing addition to brownies, as they really help to create that dreamy, gooey consistency that is exactly what I’m looking for in each bite. Another little twist on the classic chocolate brownie is the addition of raspberries- which by the way, taste extremely yummy! You probably know that I love berries, raspberries in particular and adding them into these brownies gives a sweet and zingy flavour kick, which is an amazing contrast against the decadent, intense cacao.


Recently, I’ve started using a different type of flour in my bakes and I think it’s going to become one of my new kitchen staples, as I’m really pleased with the results. There are now so many great gluten free flour options on the market, making gluten free baking a lot more accessible. I’ve usually alternated between buckwheat and brown rice flour, however recently I’ve opted for making my own flour from oats! This is both simple and pretty cost effective too; alls you need to do is place some gluten free oats into a food processor and blend until they reach a flour consistency and there you go.. gluten free flour in a matter of minutes! I also find that oat flour has a really nice texture when used in baking, as it doesn’t leave the cakes with an overly dense consistency and has a pleasant flavour.

I love to have something like this on had for when I fancy a little sweet treat after dinner or something to go along with a nice cup of tea. I think these would make for a great dessert option to serve to friends and I bet they won’t guess that there’s sweet potato in there! 





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