Cheesy Pumpkin Risotto

This is the ultimate quick and easy week day meal, that means you can still tuck into delicious restaurant quality food, but without the fuss of spending hours in the kitchen. This is also a great way to use up any left over pumpkin that you might have lying around after carving your halloween pumpkins! Funnily, up until recently.. I didn’t actually like pumpkin all that much and I guess on it’s own it it can be pretty bland, but the more I experiment with recipes and play around with it just can’t seem to get enough. I guess you guys are probably a bit sick of all of the pumpkin themed recipe spam that seems to have taken over my Instagram for the previous month by now though! However, If you only make one thing this month, I would highly recommend giving this one a whirl. 

Risotto is an epic winter comfort food, for when you fancy a nice warming, bowl of carbs goodness! The excellent thing about this particular risotto is that you can make good use with all of the leftover pumpkin from halloween pumpkin carving! Here I’ve also been a little bit lazy and used pre-cooked rice, so if you have any of that leftover in the fridge, then this is a great way to use that up as well! 

As for the sauce, this is one of my new favourite things and is just so smooth and creamy.. without actually including any cream at all! It’s also a great hack for making your own creamy pasta sauces like carbonara or even macaroni cheese. I usually add in a bit of nutritional yeast for a vegan alternative to cheesy pasta.. so delicious! I recently made a pumpkin pasta dish for my boyfriend (someone who is not a pumpkin fan) and he loved it, so it’s definitely one that I would recommend to try out for a family meal. Another sneaky way to get an extra portion of veggies into a meal as well! Dishes like this one are always a handy option if you’re looking for a quick and easy mid-week meal and you can always customise it and add in different veggies or protein sources if you fancy it. 


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