Cashew & vanilla protein cookies


I’ve been really getting into creating protein treats and baking lately and these protein cookies would have to be one of my all time favourite protein creations! I’m always a little bit weary to include protein powders into my desserts, as I find they can sometimes have a really distinctive texture and almost create a sort of powdery consistency. Lots of protein powders are also rather strong in flavour, so this is another thing that you often have to be careful of when using them in baking and other recipes. However, after much trial and error and a lot of protein sampling, i’ve finally found a few select products that I find work perfectly in my recipes and that I actually love the flavour of! 

I still tend to play it pretty safe and typically opt for a vanilla or unflavoured protein powder, as I find these have the mildest flavours that won’t be too overpowering in the recipe. I’ve experimented with adding protein into a few of my raw dessert recipes in the past, but never really with baking, so this was a first for me! To my great surprise, these cookies actually turned out pretty well and I would even go so far as to say that they’re one of my favourite cookie recipes yet! The cookies themselves are slightly crumbly, but still have a hint of creamy texture from the cashew butter. The combination of the vanilla protein powder and amazing cashew butter create a gorgeously sweet flavour that works really well with the bursts of chewy chocolate chips and taste kinda’ like cookie dough! 


These are a really great little protein snack as they’re pretty simple to make and require very minimal equipment and ingredients. There are lots of amazing protein bars and snacks now available on the market, but some of these do contain large numbers of ingredients; many of which aren’t all that natural or nutritious for the body. These things are fine to have as a treat or in place of a chocolate bar, however I personally try not to have them too often! I love to make my own versions, as this way I know exactly what’s going into them and can taylor them to my likings. 

I made a batch of these cookies the day before yesterday and they were pretty much all demolished that very same day! My boyfriend absolutely loved them and I think could probably have eaten tray after tray of them! So if you do make these, prepare for them to not be left hanging around for very long!




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