Cashew crusted chicken with cauliflower rice salad & curried peanut satay

Sooo.. amidst all of the sweet treats that I’ve been making for Valentines Day, I thought it would be equally as important to include something that you could make for dinner, if you’re opting for a chilled evening in instead of eating out. If you’re looking to impress your other half, then I would definitely recommend going for something like this! It’s fairly simple and easy to prepare- which I think works really well, as you don’t want to be panicking about making something super complicated and the possibilities of it going wrong! It’s also pretty healthy, packed with flavour and fairly light too.. which means more room for a delicious, chocolatey dessert for afterwards! I’ve actually posted not one, not two, but THREE chocolate themed dessert recipes over the past couple of weeks, so be sure to check those out if you’re in need of some sweet treat inspiration! 

The crushed cashews create a really crisp and delicious coating on the chicken- almost like a breadcrumb style consistency.. but better in my opinion! Cashews have a hint of  slightly sweet flavour to them and they go really crisp a delicious when roasted in the oven! I’ve opted to serve this with some cauliflower rice- something that I’ve bee absolutely loving lately! I’m not saying that this should be a substitute for normal rice.. because they have a completely different macronutrient break down and also taste completely different. If you like rice then eat rice.. you don’t have to substitute all of your carbs for veggies, that’s not what I’m trying to do here! However, I love cauliflower and cauliflower rice.. so that’s why I’ve included it here; but you could always add rice if you did want some extra carbs.

Now, onto what might be the most delicious part of the meal.. the curried peanut satay sauce. To be honest, I think peanut satay sauce could make pretty much any meal a million times more delicious!  As you may well know, I am one of the biggest peanut butter addicts and any recipe that includes peanut butter is a winner in my eyes! It just gives the dish that little extra oomph and adds really spices up the salad. If you follow my blog or any of my social media platforms, then you’re probably well aware by now that I add pomegranate seeds to basically every single dish possible!

Not only do they look really pretty, but they add an amazing burst of sweet, juicy flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes! I absolutely love tossing them through a salad, as the pink and green contrast looks so pretty and the fruity flavour just adds a bit of excitement into the salad.. because lets face it, sometimes salad leaves aren’t the most delicious thing on their own! 

This would also make a pretty tasty lunch time meal prep too now I think about it. You could cook up the chicken in batches and take a little snack pot of the sauce with you to drizzle over when you’re ready to eat. That would definitely brighten up an afternoon at your office desk for sure! No more boring packed lunches round here! 


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