Cashew butter & rice flour pancakes with berry mango sauce


The weekend is the perfect time to get a little more creative with breakfast and whip yourself up something a little bit more special and indulgent. Pancakes are the perfect thing for such an occasion and these particular ones are actually completely gluten and dairy free as they’re made with brown rice flour. When it comes to using gluten free flours, I always used to use buckwheat flour, however, recently starting experimenting more with brown rice flour and I think I would have to say that I really do prefer it! Although sometimes it can have a slightly more chalky texture, when used in the right quantities I find that brown rice flour creates a much lighter bake/pancake and is a little less dense than buckwheat. It also has a pretty neutral flavour, so isn’t something that’s going to distract from the rest of the flavours that you’re using. 

For the actually pancakes, I’ve kept the flavours pretty simple and just opted for a little vanilla to give a subtle hint of sweetness, but nothing too overpowering. I’ve also added in some cashew butter, which helps to create a slightly creamy, sweet flavour and smooth texture in the pancakes. Not to mention, cashew is the perfect flavour pairing for vanilla.. they are literally a dream combination! On to what might just be the start of the show: the mango and berry sauce. Fruit compotes/purees are one of my favourite things to serve with breakfast dishes like porridge and pancakes, as they add such an incredible vibrant boost of flavour. This one is a delicious balance of sweet and sour flavours and is a nice little sweet breakfast treat, without having lots of added sugars. 


Not only is looking at all of these photos really making me crave a nice big stack of pancakes, but it’s also making me feel incredibly sad about the current weather situation we have here. These photos couldn’t have a more contrasting image to the view outside my window right now to be honest. It’s the first day of October as I’m writing this and Autumn is definitely kicking in, as it’s been pretty much constant rain for the entire duration of this morning! Well, I suppose I could just whip up some pancakes with a tropical fruit compote and feel like I’m somewhere a bit more tropical I guess?




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