Caramelised Pecan Reishi Ice cream

I’m not really sure what’s been going on with the weather here in the UK lately. It’s just been super warm and muggy, but with very little actual sunshine and a fair bit of rain thrown in there as well! If you’re looking for a delicious and slightly indulgent treat to cool off.. then I reckon this will hit the spot! 

The actual ice cream itself is made predominantly from frozen bananas; which are the ultimate secret for making relatively healthy, extra creamy ice cream within a matter of minutes. If you didn’t want to add in the caramelised pecan part, you could just make the ice cream and be done in record time! However, the pecans are extremely delicious, so I would highly recommend giving that part a try too! 

Other than the fact that it’s made from bananas, another slightly unusual aspect of this recipe, is that it includes mushroom extract! I know right, that sounds incredibly strange doesn’t it?! But don’t worry, I haven’t blended in mushrooms to create some bizarre banana/mushroom concoction.. that really wouldn’t be very appetising. The products that I’ve used are Reishi Infused Honey and Lion’s Mane Mushroom powder from Hifas Da Terra. They make a whole range of incredible superfood mushroom products and supplements, that can easily be implemented into your daily food and routine. You can check out the Reishi granola recipe that I made with them here. When I met with the lovely people from Hifas Da Terra, I learned so much about the products and the benefit that they offer, which was just so fascinating. I had no idea just how many incredible benefits your body can get from these kinds of mushrooms and also how easily they can be incorporated into every day foods. If you want to find out more information about the company and their products, then I would highly recommend visiting the website or emailing them directly with any questions. I’m actually going to be starting to take some of the concentrated capsules to try and help balance some of my hormonal issues, to see if it makes any sort of difference. The nutritionists have been so helpful in advising me on exactly which products to take, tailored to my specific needs; and you know I would always recommend seeking help from people who are properly qualified to give advise on products!


Right.. back onto the ice cream recipe now I think! One of the other staple ingredients that I’ve added in here and something that I almost ALWAYS have in my cupboard or fridge is.. coconut cream! Yes, you can just scrape the top part off a can of coconut milk, however, I find that this can not only be a little wasteful, but also isn’t always as smooth and creamy. I’ve found that Sainsbury’s an amazing coconut cream that comes in a little carton and it’s incredible for adding to soups, currys, desserts, frosting and also frozen desserts like ice cream and smoothies. It has such a decadent, creamy texture and also becomes really firm when left in the fridge or freezer. It’s an absolute staple ingredient of mine and also my little secret to making the ultimate raw cheesecake mixtures! SO. CREAMY. 

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