Caramelised Peach Maca & Vanilla Protein Porridge

I know what you might be thinking.. porridge in this weather? Really? Well.. for me.. yes, really! I literally think that I might have an addition to protein porridge; like, it’s getting serious now guys! I think, that possibly for the past couple of years, there’s only been about 14 days that haven’t featured a delicious, warming bowl of protein oatmeal. I don’t know what it is exactly about oats that make them just so incredibly delicious.. but I literally can’t get enough. What’s more, is that there truly are endless flavour combinations and possibilities, that I don’t think I could ever become bored of them if I tried! Considering I seem to have developed such strong feelings towards my daily porridge bowls, I must say, I don’t feel that I’ve posted nearly enough recipes on the blog. Well, I think it’s about time some changes were put into place here then; commencing with this little gem! 

The fruit sections in all of my local supermarkets seem to be laden with fresh peaches and nectarines recently, so I thought it would be the perfect time to get those creative cogs turning and see how I could include them in some recipes! When properly ripe, peaches are so soft, sweet and delicious- even more so when caramelised in some coconut oil and honey. Honey is up there at the moment amongst my favourite natural sweeteners, as I just really love the taste and you can get so many different varieties! Another slightly more unusual ingredient that I’ve included in here is maca powder from Rainforest Foods. I don’t use a whole host of superfoods every day, but my two absolute staples are maca and cacao powder (you’ll most likely already know this if you’ve read some of my other posts!). Maca is amazing for a natural boost of energy without caffeine (I’m trying to cut out the coffee!) and it also has a wonderful malted caramel like flavour too!

For the porridge itself, I’ve kept things really simple and gone for my go-to vanilla protein porridge recipe. This is one of the quickest, fuss free meals that I make for myself on a daily basis and a good ol’ bowl of protein porridge always leaves me feeling energised and is my favourite thing to tuck into pre-workout! I get asked a lot of questions about how I make my protein oats over on Instagram, so for anyone who was wondering, here it is! 

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