Caramelised onion hummus


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something on here that wasn’t a dessert recipe, so I thought it was about time to change that.. and what better way than with some hummus?! This is not just any old hummus however, I decided to give this one a little extra twist to make it even more delicious- if that’s actually possible because, lets face it, hummus is amazing! This is really different from all of the other hummus recipes that I’ve made previously, as the onions provide a gorgeous hint of sweetness that runs through this gloriously creamy dip. I know that sweet sounds a little strange in hummus, but surprisingly I think that this really works. Caramelising the red onions and garlic before hand creates a really nice smoky flavour and brings out all of their natural sweetness, making everything taste just incredible! 


I’ve also added in one of my new favourite ingredients, that I’ve pretty much been putting in everything recently, which is.. coconut aminos! This was a fairly new find for me and I’m so unbelievably glad that I came across this wonderful stuff! From what I understand, it’s basically like a soy sauce alternative, made from coconut sap. I used to use tamari (a gluten free soy sauce) however, I wanted to try and minimise the use of soy products in my diet, so this seemed like a good option to try, as I just love the flavour that soy sauce gives to a dish and couldn’t bare the thought of going without it! Luckily for me, I actually prefer the flavour that this coconut aminos gives; it’s almost sweet and salty at the same time and just.. it just tastes amazing okay. You need to try it for yourself to understand what I’m waffling on about! But anyway, that, along with caramelised onions and garlic in hummus equals a seriously delicious concoction. 

Hummus makes a great savoury snacking option that you could pair with some fresh veggies, crackers or even add into salad bowls as a kind of dressing. I’ve also stirred it into pasta before and that works really well too! There are just so many uses for hummus, you could literally eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. maybe even dessert too, although that might be a bit too weird? Another thing that it is PERFECT for is parties! Hummus and crudities is the ultimate party/BBQ snack as people can just pick and nibble as they please and it’s something nice and healthy to balance out some of the inevitable sweet treats on offer! 





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