Caramelised Banana Protein Oats

Not only is it time for another protein porridge recipe.. but this one is also topped with caramelised fruit again! This time however, it’s banana. Caramelised banana may just be one of the sweetest, most delicious toppings ever and the main ingredient.. is of course fruit! You could use this to top pancakes, ice cream, yoghurt bowls and many, many more dishes, including porridge! 

I tuck into a mouthwatering bowl of protein oats pretty much on a daily basis nowadays. It’s my go-to pre-workout meal, as they’re a great source of slow releasing carbs and protein. I love too include oats into my diet, as I find that they leave me feeling nicely full and satisfied and also help to increase my fibre intake for the day. For a while, fibre wasn’t something that I really paid much attention to, but I now find that it honestly does make such a difference to my digestion, so I like to make sure that I’m getting enough of it throughout the day. I guess this was because I went through one of those stages of purely focussing on hitting my calorie and macro targets. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with doing this, but I forgot to consider the nutrient value of the food I was eating and making sure that I got things like micros and fibre in there too. 

I know that technically we’re still in summer, so a warming bowl of porridge might not be the immediate breakfast option that comes to mind; but I’ve honestly still been eating oats every day for the past month and enjoy them just as much all 12 months of the year! if you’re really not a fan of warm breakfasts in August, then you could always prepare this as overnight oats instead. I do like overnight oats, but I must say, for me nothing beats a steaming hot, thick bowl of porridge curled up on the sofa in my pjs! I love my oats to have a really cakey consistency and my top tips for achieving this are: 

Continuous stirring as the oats are cooking

Vegan protein powders- I find these help to thicken up the oats 

Don’t add too much water 

Stirring in egg whites (if not vegan) – You could also use milled flaxseed for a vegan option  

Once you’ve nailed the perfect porridge texture, it’s time to lavish the bowl with all of your favourite toppings. I love adding dark chocolate, berries and of course.. nut butter! Cashew and almond are probably my favourites.. so delicious! 

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