Eating out in London: Boys’N’Berry

Since moving to London, surprisingly I think that I’ve actually had less time to visit different cafes and restaurants than when I was living further away. With the combination of moving house, Christmas and being absolutely swamped with work, I’d say my work life balance has been pretty once sided. However, now things are finally starting to fall into place a little more and I’m getting myself organised, I’ve had a bit of extra time to really explore more of the beautiful city that I now get to call my home and try lots of the delicious food that it has to offer! I’m really lucky that London has such an incredible selection of cafes and restaurants and there seems to be new places opening up everywhere I turn. One of my most recent discoveries is this amazing little gem on Fulham Road called Boys N Berry London. 

They offer a selection of plant based, vegetarian, fish and chicken dishes- so there’s pretty much something for everyone. They serve a delicious range of breakfast/brunches, lunch and dinner options; as well as dairy free coffees and also vegan cakes! 

I’ve already been here three times in the past two weeks and each time I visit, it seems to surpass the previous time! I’ve tried a few of the dishes now and they have all been absolutely delicious! They offer a selection of amazing salads containing lots of fresh vegetables, pulses and grains and you’re then able to add additional protein sources like salmon, prawns or halloumi if you would like. My personal favourite combination so far would have to be the butternut squash salad with extra king prawns and halloumi or feta cheese. This is quite possibly one of the tastiest salads that I’ve had in an incredibly long time! It has a base of dark salad leaves with sweet roasted butternut squash, sun dried tomatoes, avocado and a simple olive oil dressing. 

I love that they offer both hot and cold dishes, so there’s always something depending on what I fancy at the time. But never fear, there’s no limp salads to be found here! All of these dishes are really hearty, filling and absolutely bursting with flavour! They use a selection of simple, wholesome ingredients to create really unique and innovative recipes and flavour combinations. This is definitely somewhere that I would bring friends, as I think it’s a great example of how healthy eating doesn’t have to be plain or boring; but also that it doesn’t need to be over complicated or labelled either. 

They also have a mouthwatering selection of brunch dishes like avocado toast and spicy baked eggs with chorizo! I can’t wait to pop back and try some of these! Another one of the reasons why I love this place is because they offer both coconut and almond milk for hot drinks. Today I tried my first proper matcha latte and I think i’m already obsessed! 

There’s a really cute and cosy atmosphere in here and I just find it so relaxing! It’s a great place to enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch with friends, or somewhere to set up camp with your laptop and get some work done along with the help of an almond milk latte. 

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