Berry Jam cookies


I was actually really rather proud of myself (and slightly surprised) when I made these cookies and they actually turned out to be a success! I’m not the best of bakers and these were a little more fiddly than the usual cookies I would roll into squashed ball like shapes and toss into the oven hoping for the best, so I’d say I did pretty well to make these actually look quite attractive. Not only do they look pretty, but they combine two things that I absolutely love: jam.. and cookies! Cookies and biscuits were always one of my biggest weaknesses and I could literally demolish a whole packet of them with a cup of tea! Especially, shortbreads or warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies, yum! However, as I’m sure you can imagine, If I was actually to do this, it probably wouldn’t be the healthiest habit in the world, so I decided to try and recreate a slightly healthier version to enjoy as a little treat instead! 



I love making my own chia jams because it’s literally one of the most simple, quick recipes and means that you can enjoy jams without having lots of added sugars in there too. I’ve been really enjoying this particular blend with summer berries lately; as the flavours are really vibrant and fresh and perfect for this time of year! I haven’t yet tried experimenting with other fruits, but I think mango or apricot would be pretty delicious! 

I think that these would be a great thing to make with children, if you’re looking to get them into the kitchen and involved with a bit of baking during the summer holidays! I grew up learning to cook and bake with my mum in the kitchen and used to love making gingerbread cookies.. and definitely ended up eating most of the cookie dough before it actually went into the oven! They also make a great little snack on the go, or with a cup of tea and would be a really cute thing to serve to guests!



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