Berry Frosted Fudge Brownies

It’s a really scary time for everyone at the moment and things seem extremely uncertain. I know for me, I’m quite lucky in the fact that I already work from home on a daily basis, so I’m not having to experience such a drastic change in lifestyle. I can imagine that for those living alone and suddenly having to remain in their homes and avoid human interaction for the most part; this is a really challenging and distressing time.

You’ll also be aware that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to purchase a lot of staple and long life food items and supermarket shelves have been left completely bare in lots of cases.

Over the next couple of weeks, months or however long we’ll be experiencing this for, I want to try and spread as much positivity as possible. I’m going to do my best to share lots of recipes and tips for how we can create simple, healthy dishes with minimal, wholesome store cupboard ingredients; but that also taste delicious.. like brownies!

I do believe that it’s important not to panic and rush out to buy everything that we can find in the shops because this will leave nothing for some people that really need it. I’m going to really try and be smart with the food that I buy and getting creative with ingredients to really maximise nutritional value, flavour and make the most of what we have is more important now than ever!

These brownies are the perfect sweet treat if you need a little pick me up whilst working at home. They’re super soft and fudgey, with the most delicious, thick, indulgent chocolate berry frosting! They would also be perfect if you’re looking for some Mother’s Day inspiration for a homemade gift! Baking is also a really fun activity to do with little ones if you are stuck at home at the moment; so get everyone involved and create something delicious to enjoy together!

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