Avocado Hummus (no added oil)

What do you do when you have some left over chickpeas in the fridge? .. Make hummus of course! I try not to let anything go to waste and if I have something that’s leftover from a previous meal or recipe, then i’ll always try and incorporate it into a new recipe when I can. If you’re a hummus fan, you should also check out this caramelised onion hummus that I posted last Summer. The sweet flavours of the onions and garlic work together to create a really delicious, slightly smoky taste. This one is also a little different from your standard hummus (maybe I should do a recipe for a plain one soon as well?), as one of the key ingredients is actually avocado! If you know me, then you’ll know that I absolutely love avocados!.. like with everything! They’re such an amazing ingredient that are also incredibly versatile to use in both sweet and savoury dishes. 

One of my favourite and most common uses for avocados would have to be the good old avo & eggs combo for breakfast in the morning, however, they also make an amazingly creamy pasta sauce and addition to desserts! Another thing that’s a little bit more unique about this hummus is that there’s no added olive oil in there at all! I found that the avocado and lemon juice actually provided enough moisture, to create that really smooth and creamy texture. 

For a bit of that traditional hummus flavour, there of course, had to be some tahini in there somewhere! But, not just that, I’ve also added in some of this new seed and peanut butter into the mix as well. These nut and seed butters add an incredible depth of flavour and also help to make the dip super creamy! I wasn’t sure exactly how this combo would work out, but luckily I was pretty impressed with the result. As much as I do love tahini, it is slightly more bitter than a lot of the other nut and seed butters; whereas the peanut butter adds a slightly more mallow and sweet flavour. this particular nut butter is actually a new one from one of my favourite brands: Meridian and it’s a combination of peanut butter, with pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, which give it a lovely added crunch! 

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